Thanks and Recognition

Good evening,

It has great to see so many of you tonight to celebrate the 2022 season.  If you missed the awards ceremony, please check your family's file folder in the team communication box, on the pool deck.  If your swimmer received a trophy, it will be in the team cabinet.

I would like to thank the following for their hard work, time and effort, which enabled us to have a successful season:

  • Christine Mathews, YMCA Aquatics Director, and the YMCA Lifeguards
  • Megan Platenik, Ron Dahart, Mary Johnson and Charlotte Willoughby, our Board Members
  • Harrison Kemmey, Assistant Coach, and Emily Simmons, Junior Coach
  • Kylie Platenik, Joleen Johnson, Henry Dahart and Michael Fiermen, Coaches in Training
  • And all of our Volunteers

I would like to recognition the following swimmers for their hard work, dedication and achievements this season:

  • 6 and Under Swimmers: Harper Barnes, Charlotte Dix, Alexander Bell, Ellis Bell, and Sebastian Freire Nieves
  • Coaches’ Awards: Leasil Empie, Byrcen Dix, Lauren Higgins, and Jacob Beach
  • Most Improved: Leighton Arnold, Dominic Stiffler, Gianna Tran, Sofia Choi, Mason Tran, Emily Choi, Elijah Tran, Madison Porter, Michael Fiermen and Joshua Peters
  • High Points: Maryn Barnes, Liam Hickman, Laila Ortiz, Grayson Lawrence, Kylie Platenik, Henry Dahart, Hannah De Sir, Will Platenik, Kenya Lawson, and Brody Davies
  • Triple Winners: Kylie Platenik, Grayson Lawrence, Maryn Barnes, Henry Dahart, and Brody Davies
  • Ken Novell Award Nominee: Joleen Johnson

I would also like to wish Mike Simmons well at JMU next year.

Have a great school year, and I will see you next season. - Coach Dana

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