Upcoming Team Events

Hello Dragons!

Great job on finishing the meet on Wednesday night. Our team came together to resume a postponed meet. Our swimmers have shown such growth and improvement this season! We thank those of you who stepped up to volunteer each and every meet this season. Without you, our swimmers would not be as successful. Attached are the results of the meet against Lee’s Hill.

We have several upcoming team events, listed below. Note that we need volunteers and donations for most of the events :)

Mon, July 25: Popcorn Bar after Practice

Wed, July 27: Flight of the Dragons Half Mile and Mile Swim

Fri, July 29: Family Swim Practice and Spaghetti Team Dinner

Sat, July 30: Championship Meet, the Finals, at the King George YMCA

Wed, August 3: Desserts with Dragons Awards Ceremony

Scroll down for additional details for each event.

Popcorn Bar: Hang out with your teammates after practice, and enjoy freshly popped popcorn and yummy toppings.

Flight of the Dragons Half Mile and Mile Swim: During their normal practice time, Dragons Swimmers will be challenged to swim 1 mile (1/2 mile for our younger swimmers). Swimmers will have the entire hour to complete the mile, and may take as many breaks as they need. Volunteers are needed to count the laps of each swimmer, and help serve ice cream afterwards.

Please use the Sign Up Calendar to indicate that you can volunteer or donate:

  1. sit in a chair with a clipboard and lap counter sheet - both provided to you and mark off the laps as the swimmers complete them.
  2. serve ice cream and assist with ice cream sundae toppings in the lobby as the swimmers complete their challenge
  3. donate ice cream or toppings - we have had many people sign up to bring items as well as a very generous donor to provide ice cream for the team. Some items may still be needed so please check the list.

Family Practice and Spaghetti Team Dinner: We invite adults to join us in an optional 45 minute practice on the 29th. The Dragons swimmers would like to challenge their adults to some fun races. Bring your suit, goggles and towel and get ready to compete against the kids! All able adult swimmers are welcome to join. (If your family cannot attend the family practice but would like to join us for dinner, please do so. Dinner will begin around 6:00.)

Following this special practice, we will gather at the pavilion behind the YMCA for a team dinner potluck style. Please use the Sign Up Calendar to donate items for this meal. We are still in need of many items to make our meal a success. Please bring food items to the pavilion between 5:00 and 5:20 p.m.

The FINALS at the King George YMCA: I will send an updated flyer and the swimmer entries on Sunday. VOLUNTEER JOBS for the Finals are available now. Finals will occur in 8 lanes, and volunteer jobs are shared by all 4 teams in our division. Please help us show our Dragons spirit and teamwork by choosing at least one job if your family is attending.

Desserts with Dragons: On August 3rd, we will celebrate the accomplishments of all swimmers and coaches. At 5:30, we will gather for our final team celebration at the pavilion and playground behind the YMCA. We ask that you please bring one dessert to share. Coaches will present awards for the season. Families can also pick up ribbons and medals from the Finals (and the dual meets).

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